For Agencies
Every developer has a unique way of coding. We don’t work with one-day projects like “fix one bug on my landing” so your code authorship and quality matter for our clients as well. After all, engineers are committed to the idea they believe, rather than to code they realize
For software vendors
Partnering with us
Developers Agency manager Naprok
Tell us about yourself
Either agency owner or responsible party has to apply the info to join Naprok
More details
Fill out a form to add developers you would like to involve in the platform
Set up a time
After confirmation, we schedule interviews for every candidates
Pass the screening
All of the programmers go through screening workflow to verify their skills
Choice is yours
Next, the agency manager is allowed to review jobs suitable to the agency’s tech skills
First glimpse
Confirm a convenient offer and notify devs about the upcoming call with a client
Negotiate, then sign
Agree with the terms of the contract with the client to proceed with engagement through the platform
Make a profit
Once per few weeks get paid for work developers have done
Why work with us
Why work with us

Team-first approach

Naprok offer long-term projects suitable for staff augmentation model only

Everybody does what they good at

Our staff takes care of client outreach and financial issues while you’re writing the code

Your rates remain the same

We don’t charge additional fees from costs your agency estimated for the certain project

Criteria for vendors whom we partner with

Cooperation with entities

First thing when a vendor representative entered details about agency, we check the veracity of information. The data we verify to ensure a fair partnership with software vendor are: agency’s name, registered office address, legal personality, and agency manager role

English proficiency

Every developer in our platform is an autonomous employee who is capable of speaking with the client without the involvement of an interpreter or the other third parties. This ensures a clear understanding and saves the team from the needless go-betweens

Tech knowledge assessment

Even if a few engineers from the same company have written for 5 years JavaScript, their experience and expertise varied significantly. Hence, we interview every candidate to become aware of languages and frameworks in which developers highlight their strengths better

Quality management

Although we are liable for ongoing support and regular payments, the responsibility for development performance remains at the vendor side. Working with our platform you keep employing programmers as before. At the same time, all we do is providing your software services to clients

Adhering to win-win concept

Given that we are interested in a long-term relationship, we have no intention of cheating or ripping off either the vendors or clients. Similarly, it is our wish that Naprok’s users abide by the same principles. Because honesty and fairness are the only way to any height of integrity.