AI code authorship identification

Every line of code developers write becomes the intellectual property of the client they develop for. Obviously, it should have a high-grade efficiency. To protect product companies from vendors that cheat using shadow mode against the owners, we’ve created an AI-powered engine which automatically detects code authorship

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Why we're doing this

Why we're doing this

Our confidence

We check candidates before providing them for you. However, we don’t screen them while they’re working on your project. So the Engine does

Your calmness

When you make a contract with outsourcing vendor to hire senior developer, you have no doubt the company appoints someone other without your knowledge

Vendor's honesty

The Engine defines an authorship attribution upon source code samples with 95,28% of accuracy. This means the vendors have no choice except for fair collaboration


The more devs, the more approaches

Just as every human has they own stylistic features in speech formulation, each developer equally has their own authorship fingerprint

Developer 1

Developer 2

Developer 3

How the Engine identifies authors
The project owner integrates NaprokPro with the GitHub repo in one click
The Engine extract source code samples and parses data through a defined set of criteria
The provided samples are compared with the previous code to confirm if the author is the same person
In case the Engine detects or suspect any fragments, the platform will automatically notify the owner

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