Do you want to find
an excellent developer right away?

About Naprok

This world is full of amazing developers who love their work and are ready to work hard as the team, isn’t it? That’s why Naprok - outstaffing company was created. Our team finds highly skilled employees who are prepared to start work.

The developers are screened for the skills that professional workers should possess. So we have already known about opportunities and personal qualities of programmers before we offer them to you.

This policy allows us to approach individually to each project. In this way we satisfy the needs of our customers and make their business more profitable. Certainly our team believes that consequently we will make this world better.

With Naprok you get:

Ability to provide
the developer right now

No difficult recruiting process

No cost to organize
the workflow and tools

No problems with

You manage a specialist
as if it's your employee

Hiring IT staff for 1
project or for a long-term

We select developers personally for each client. That is why we carry out several steps for the selection of qualified specialists:


The developer must speak English fluently because this greatly speeds up the workflow. We promise that the developer knows English at a level sufficient to solve any issues during the work process.

Personality and culture

Before checking technical knowledge, we always find out the personal qualities of the employee and his loyalty to other people. This helps to make sure that the team won’t have any conflicts or problems of a personal nature.


The qualifications of each candidate are checked by experts in the field, as the competence in technical skills must satisfy the requirements of the client.

Test project

It helps to estimate theoretical and practical knowledge in development. Besides, this is a great chance for the developer to show his experience in programming, and demonstrate his creative abilities.