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Communication breakdown, fake CVs, further dishonesty, ongoing
screen tracking of the engineers to prevent cheating - all this makes
many entrepreneurs avoid using outsourcing services. Until now

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best features

What we do before providing developers to you

Reliable vendors

First thing when a vendor representative enters the details about an agency, we check the veracity of this information, which includes: the agency name, registered office address, and legal personality.

Developers assessment

At Naprok, every developer is an individual employee, who is suited to handle certain tasks much better than others. We check each of our devs by expertise in skills they have before adding their CVs to our platform.

An initial interview

Excellent development skills aren't enough to build a full-fledged product. Before picking the team members, we recommend you to interview the candidates to find the ones whose mindset and project vision are the same as yours.

The criteria

Through which to check the developers’ expertise

Fluency in English

Even the most professional engineer might prove useless if you don’t understand him, and vice versa. Working on our platform implies the client can communicate directly with team members whether they work remotely or in-house.

Tech stack

Even if the engineers have used the same languages and frameworks for 5 years, their experience and expertise can vary significantly. Hence, we interview every candidate to be aware of technologies in which developers highlight their strengths.

Soft skills

Our screening staff pays particular attention to an engineer’s character traits. As we’re checking language and tech knowledge, we also examine the personality of individuals. To go further, the dev has to prove they are responsible, self-organized and communicative.

The test trials

Afterwards, we’ve got a test project to assess practical experience in accordance with theoretical knowledge. It`s a great chance for candidates to demonstrate their creativity, professional competence, and show real performance.

Technologies we cover

Back end

Go Django PHP Rails NodeJS

Front end

Sass Less Bootstrap ReactJS VueJS AngularJS
MySql MongoDB MariaDB PostgreSQL Redis
Java Python C# C++ Ruby


Java Kotlin


Ionic Flutter ReactNative


Swift Objective-C
Dthereum Solidity Truffle WEB3.js